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Dr. Zonram Liao & His Product
About Dr. Zonram Liao & His Product,
the Wellnergy Dental Wipes
As a general practice veterinarian, Dr. Zonram Liao sees how important pets are to people daily and understands that the human-animal bond in family pets is a sacred one. He aims to protect that precious bond for as long as possible through managing the well-being and happiness of pets at home with quality preventive and supportive care products, aimed at preventing our pets suffering from serious issues before they become too severe to treat. That is why he created Wellnergy Pets. He believes that pet care, at its core, starts with a proactive approach at home with pet owners. His goal is to improve the lives of people and their pets by providing the best at-home pet care in the form of high-quality pet products and supplements.

Wellnergy Dental Wipes and Water Additive take the mess and stress out of brushing your dog's teeth! This twostep system is a simple, easy way to take care of your pet's teeth between professional cleanings. Use the pre-soaked pads to gently wipe your pet's teeth and watch as guck comes right off your dog’s teeth and onto the pad. Think of the water additive as a mouthwash that's safe for dogs to drink and add the recommended amount to your pet’s bowl each time you fill it to keep your best friend's breath minty and fresh.
Javi Martinez & His Product
About Javi Martinez & His Product,
the Mammoth Grip Carry Handle
As the seventh and youngest sibling, Javi was often tasked with bringing in all the groceries for his big family and he told himself that one day he would invent the best grocery bag carrier and almost 40 years later, Mammoth Grip was born. Like almost everyone anywhere, he would struggle to carry as many, if not all the bags in one trip. Hence the saying, one trip or die trying! Little did he know that his design for Mammoth Grip would work on so many other items around the house besides groceries and because of that, he is proud to say it's the handle that handles it ALL! Javi hails from Corpus Christi, TX. Mammoth Grips are strong and have a durable grip designed to help protect your hands and fingers from the painful pressure and pinching of carrying heavy objects. Our weight distribution technology allows you to carry more items without slippage or dropping. From grocery bags to canvas bags, propane tanks to paint cans, 5-gallon buckets, clothes on hangers, Mammoth Grip can handle it all! Mammoth Grips are extremely durable and fit easily into your pocket, purse, glove box, toolbox or under the seats of any vehicle. No assembly required.
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